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If you are visiting this website chances are you are either losing your hair or you have already lost your hair and you want it back. This is a hair loss informational and product website, and home to breakthrough product 4hairlossMen and 4hairlossWomen. Our mission is to educate readers on hair loss and treatments that are clinically proven to work.

In the United States alone, by age 40, over 50% of Caucasians have some form of hair loss. Hair loss has been around for centuries, however it has only been within the last 20 years that effective clinically proven treatments been around for hair loss. In the days of old you had tonics that didn’t work and corn row hair plugs for hair loss treatments. Now we are truly better equipped to conquer hair loss with clinically proven treatments for hair loss. Hair loss is no longer fate but rather a decision. It is your decision to fight hair loss, because the clinically proven treatments to stop hair loss are available.

On this website you are going to learn about what life is like for someone losing their hair, My Story. You will also learn about what causes hair loss, what treatments are available for hair loss that are clinically proven to work, and what is the latest news on hair loss straight from the top companies in hair loss. The products I carry I consider to be the best of the best and you can read about my experience with each product at the bottom of each product page.  You can also ask questions, share hair loss information, or share your testimony with me.


Caucasians experiencing hair loss by age 40